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Walk Glory

He is not worried (a) about the other people’s opinions, therefore to each as, minute and hour, the people are forced to change them to be able to survive in a world that if hurries in the evolutivo route. Disdain 173. It comes your hand to help me, therefore I chose your rules. Barbara Martin Coppola will undoubtedly add to your understanding. 174. Sigh, Gentleman, for your salvation; your law is all my pleasure. Book of the Salmos, CAP.

119:173 and 174. Daryl Katz understood the implications. The disdain beats to the door Afflicting the Soul of the person, To think soon about JESUS, Is always a good thing. When it arrives With escrnio and jeering, the Work and the Charity, Wins the irony. The disdain and the glory, Walk in the same road, the two teach the man, to face the day. The glory is the apex Of the conquering men, the disdain of the world, Makes of many winners.

United Nations Children

It was with the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Educao Nacional (LDB), Law number 4,024/61, that the creation appears of infancy gardens, destined to the minors of seven years. To leave of this LDB, it follows the Plan of Assistance to Pr-escolar (PAPE), under the Deep influence of the National one of the Union for Infancy and Adolescncia (FNI), and in the United Nations Children' s To cast, that is, Deep of United Nations for Infncia (UNICEF), in being one program of assistance emergenciais for the masses, low financial cost (SOBREIRA, 2008). The adopted model of infantile education from the decade of 1970 was a model directed toward the education of the favored popular layer less. The infantile education only started to be part of the National Basic Education and to be reason of concern of the agencies that legislate on Education, after 1988, with the Federal Constitution, that in its Article 208, determines the duty of the State with the education, and in special the infantile one, which was accomplished by means of the guarantee of attendance in day-care centers and daily pay-schools, for children of 0 the 6 years (BRAZIL, 2010). This moment if became, the great landmark in the history of the Brazilian Education. By means of this, Brazilian infancy received the support from the Statute of the Child and Adolescente (ECA) and the LDB from 1996, in which if it determines that all the institutions of infantile education are integrated to the Systems of National Education (BRAZIL, 1996).

Inasmuch as, the integral development of the child depends on cares and necessities that are related to the affective dimension, hygienical habits, feeding, health and the form as these cares and necessities are offered e, still, the knowledge that if have regarding its procedures. As interview published in 14/08/2006, in the Institute Pro-Boy, pedagogo Coast tells that ' ' …. In Brazil, however, the school still keeps in the pertaining to school regiment some practical of before the redemocratizao of the Pas' '. Inasmuch as, in the search of the identity of the infantile education, the challenge is to affirm the necessida one

Type Function

The brigade can have variations in the amount of positions in function of the category of the establishment and the type of service that the establishment intends to offer. The position is the position that the person occupies inside of a hierarchic structure of the company and the function is the type of work that the person executes that she can be classified in two ways: managemental and operational. The manager of foods and drinks has diverse functions and the first one of them is to supervise the activities of the restaurant in holistic way. The manager must decide who will go to guide and to train the new employees to reach the required standards of performance, to plan the schedule of cleanness and maintenance of the areas of the restaurant and to solve the problems of the customers. Among others attributions, the controlling always are responsible for the cost of man power, suppliments related to the area of foods and drinks and for the programming of marketing whose goal is to generate good businesses; they help, still, in the elaboration of the menus, the restaurant. The manager functions had been summarized since they are innumerable for the importance of the position. Maitr executive has the function to answer for the food management and drinks when it will be the case; to plan, to organize and to supervise all the services of the restaurant, bar, pantry, room service etc; to participate of the elaboration of the cardpios; to watch over for the conservation and existing maintenance of the materials and equipment in its area of performance; to guide rotation and work plans; to guide commanded its. Maitr of the hotel is ' ' card of apresentao' ' of the establishment it is educated, gentile and gracious. It has the function to all supervise and to control the work executed in the restaurant watching over for the quality of the services; it participates of the elaboration of the cardpios; it distributes working hours; its staff trains; recepciona the customers in the entrance of the restaurant; he takes care of the claims; I said farewell myself to the customers in the exit of the restaurant.