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Valve Police

And after the release of adrenaline moments of the game makes you feel like a hero fighters or agent. And it does not matter how old you are and what physical shape you are, paintball is universal. According to Preventive Medicine Research Institute, who has experience with these questions. Paintball Club – open to everyone and guys and girls on play requires only a desire to play. Paintball Equipment: 1. Protective mask special mask which protects your eyes, face, ears and neck part of the paintball hitting balls.

One of the essential elements paintball. 2. Marker Airguns, filled with carbon dioxide or compressed air, used for marking player paint balls. 3. Cylinder Compressed gas cylinders needed to operate the marker. 4. Avtofider Electro-mechanical loading container, which provides a continuous supply of balls in the marker. When using high-speed markers avtofider simply necessary, because only it can guarantee you timely supply of balls in the marker and, thus, a high rate of fire.

5. Harness Belt (vest) for the transfer of additional containers with paintball pellets. Is used to recharge your player can handle during the game. 6. Tuba container which contains an additional supply of balls. Depending on the shape and size of Harness can hold a 100 to 200 balls. 7. Shampon device used for cleaning the barrel of the marker paint residues and dirt. Pump-action guns paintball paintball markers. The main distinguishing feature – a movable part, which control the flow of each ball in the barrel before firing. Very similar to Valve Police and hunting shotguns, from which this class of markers and got the name.


The rutting is how call los monteros to the era in which the deer hunting season begins, is the time of zeal as expected by fans hunting activity. Occurs in Spain since the end of August until the first week of October. It is one of the most important moments in the annual cycle of the deer, when conditions occur for fathering the next generation on which depends the future of the population. Types of deer: deer (Cervus elaphus) is the protagonist for their quality and quantity. The Iberian venison or Iberico deer (Cervus elaphus hispanicus), smaller and lighter than its relative Central European, lacked beards that adorn the neck and the thick antlers of branched Palms that characterizes this. The weight for males is around 150 to 200 Kg and 75 to 125 Kg in the case of females.

The maximum age is about 20 years. At what time of the year starts the rutting? At the end of the summer, between late August and October, at this time begins the zeal of this species. Zeal of the deer Iberian: males during the rutting season trying to get a harem with the greater number of females, so defend groups of Hinds or protect places where food is plentiful and, therefore, are areas where females go to feed. When the females tend to concentrate a same male defends the territory in which are several Hinds; and at the same time there will be many other deer that will want to play this territory, this results in fights between males, which lead to breakage of antlers. This noticed it arrival the hunting season, when we observe that many our hunting trophies have broken tips, so your score low in a remarkable way. This zeal for the male is extremely absorbent, there is no else in the activity of the male, forgetting behavior of Defense and protection and even its own power supply.