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Reginaldo Doctor

Noel papa is almost arriving and I I asked for a portion of things. I do not know if it goes to obtain, because they are all things very, much difficult; First, I want that it has taken a pretty toy for each poor child. I know that they are many, an enormity, for the world measures. Second, that it brings in return my papa, it makes and it to be next to the mother, who is sad and it cries very. Third, I want a doll: it is not for me, because not doll earring; it is for my Cida friend, who does not have none. Room – but the Reginaldo doctor said that this desire is very difficult, that is almost impossible, whom is almost a miracle: it wanted to see the lights of the Christmas, to understand as they are made, and thus to keep its photograph in my heart, for every year that they will come.

Madalena, nurse, that writes this letter that I am dictating, says that it needs to ask for with much force, with much faith. Click Dean Ornish M.D for additional related pages. I do not know what he is this. But I know that Noel Papa knows what he makes. I want plus a thing, girl friend that I do not know. He prays very for me, please. The Madalena says that miracles happen.

Desire that you have a good Christmas, and control a kiss You and to its Mother. Renata This, then, was our project! This, the signal that we needed! That small richness that we would spend in an ambitious spectacle, it could be used very better, if We were to the Reginaldo Doctor, we obtain its approval, Renata had that to be examined and to be reexamined; it had hopes, yes. One week later, suffered one complicated operation; it was play in pale, stopped, sad bed, one trapinho, under enormous gauzes. But finally, in the night of Christmas. Acho that asked for exactly with much faith, Mother! it repeated, magic. The partners of our firm the hands, comovidos and thankful had been given. It was without a doubt optimum project, in many, many years! >


It enters, but still he sees the prosthetic one with a threaded enormous sting in the throat of a man. In the throat not, Manuel, in the mouth. Then it is what it goes to touch in the mouth of the Manuel? It is felt soft, the cold blood and the legs bambas. The prosthetic one orders it to seat in the chair. Pain is enormous. The prosthetic one with that rapidity that God gave to the Brazilians, catches the tool well to devagar and looks at tooth for tooth in the mouth of the Manuel. How dentist more molenga! He will be that he does not feel nothing? He has reason.

He does not feel exactly. It is the tooth of the Manuel and not it of it that it aches. The dentist prepares an anesthesia. He applies in the Manuel. Pain for, but not all. The dentist catches the botico, threads in the mouth of the Manuel and hunk, he pulls out the tooth. It aches very, but who knows pain will pass.

Manuel cospe I sing in it. Pain worsening. Then it only repairs: but doctor Mr. pulled out me the wrong tooth. Made a mistake as? He scares the doctor. He is terrified the tooth doctor. now what to make? It runs pra and pra there and is despaired here. Manuel is feeling the biggest pain of the world and puto of the life. It does not have problem, Mr. Manuel, now I sudden pull the other tooth, the sick person. I make the two for the one price. Farcical Manuel of anger. How thing! Manuel comes to pull out the sick tooth and the doctor pulls out to it is and still to say that he charges half of the price? Manuel xinga the dentist of all the names. It makes all the customers to leave espavoridos the doctor’s office, also the dentist and it leaves with the sister. They go to the ready aid. They had only now remembered it. There they had pulled out the true sick tooth. Thus Manuel only has one relief. Thus a little only can sossegar. Return pra house moaning very still. The remaining portion of the afternoon sleeps. Now Manuel already has also a justification to present in the other day in the service.