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Prevent Weight Gain

Let’s start with the beginning Let’s start explaining what is the first step we should take when we want to lose weight or prevent weight. This is the real secret to achieve the desired result. First we must set our minds with new concepts, a qualified information, put into practice the theories and techniques to improve the quality of our thoughts and then be able to transform the body. It is essential to have the conviction, desire, faith and confidence in achieving the goal of losing weight. To do this we have to eliminate the defeatist attitude before you begin. By this I mean that it is possibly as in previous attempts we have failed our subconscious already programmed to repeat history and derail us again. It must take into account the relaxation in the first place to be alone with yourself, eliminating stress, learn to listen to your inner voice, will help you to define your goals, trafficking that are concrete and realizable within a certain period of time. Before thinking about how many kilos you want to lose, you have to accept yourself as you are Currently, raising your self-esteem, be happy thinking that you’re already in the process of change.

Don’t forget that the task of lose weight or prevent weight, starts with a thought. It will depend on the quality of what you think, IE, the transformation will be possible once you implementes positive thoughts in your mind. Phrases like come from family of FAT volume water and fattening because I tried all diets and none works I am very hard to lose weight under a couple of kilos and recovered twice as quickly. These are just some of the ideas that we have in our minds and they will make us lose the battle over and over again. Changing the attitude and taking a positive view we will be giving this important first step to get the desired result.Let’s use the power of our minds to our favor, for example: I’m on the right path to enjoy body that I like my body is transformed every day is easy to lose weight, if I learn how to do I delete the extra kilos and I am I enjoy the process of change achievement this time best lose weight I can keep on the ideal weight for me understanding this concept, you can do whatever you want, you reprogramaras your mind with whimsy and shalt thou be healthy habits, when choosing food, choose your physical activities or your hobbies, are appropriate to achieve weight loss. Once you’ve prepared your mind you can begin choosing what to eat and how to eat it, helping you some natural supplements, plants and some tricks and tips that I have waiting for you in my blog. I have a gift for you that can help you to understand in more detail this information, which from my experience, I can assure you that there will be a before and an then only depends on you than put hands to work and begin to sculpt your new image, will be worth, I assure you.


The joy, the happiness, the pleasure a person or a situation, are feelings that will immediately change the entire image of a person, making his countenance change largely offering an image of pleasure and affection; Thus all change of countenance that is generated in the face of people thanks to a good time, represent in the smiles that are not more than a response to different stimuli that has a nice effect on people, which contributes to the change of mood, so if there is someone with a good expressionThanks to the presence on his face of smiles, you will know that this person is going through a pleasant moment. If refers to smiles is talk of this sample of joy from 2 points, both physiological as psychological. So when referring to the smiles as a physiological event, I would be talking of a facial expression, that is generated to reflect the muscles located near the ends of the mouth, like which are present around the eyes, so smiles requires making use of 15 muscles. Because of the psychological aspects that accompany the presence of smiles in people, can tell that the smiles are the result of a sample or physical expression of sensations as pleasure, entertainment, happiness, joy, among a myriad of pleasant feelings that people may experience. So people in the presence of feelings, situations or nice people very commonly respond with a smile as a psychological response to the pleasant occasion in which there are. You must bear in mind that the smiles not only as an expression of pleasant feelings, also shown can be involuntary samples, result of anxiety. So smiles would be present in all those normal manifestations, as a result of various stimuli.

Speaking of smiles speak of something that is innate in every person, is something that is not learned, is characteristic of the nature of people and which may also occur in animals. In addition, not only smiles are samples of the spirit of the people, also met other functions in the body, because the smiles to be as soft and silent, laughter generate certain benefits for the health of people, given that occurs in the brain a production of endorphins, which makes physical pain is reduced with the smiles and the emotional as well as submit a feeling of well-being. 2 Kinds of smiles, which will be presented depending on the situation may occur when trying to be smiles and make you feel really in such form are given:-smiles duchennen-which bear this name thanks to the researcher who call them, based on their name-these would be smiles result of involuntary expressions or genuine feelingsin other words is something that feels really. For even more opinions, read materials from Daniel Taub. -While the other smiles, are the professional smiles, said otherwise feigned smiles, which are made on the occasion of courtesy or friendliness.