The Animals

They had been four hours of trip, and the anxious boy, imagining as it would be the birds of the interior, the plants, the river, the farm in end the life far from the agitated great city. As soon as they had arrived, the boy and the dog had been the first ones to go down of the bus, the boy was magic with whom he saw, mainly the wet rain soil I smell and it natural of the field. The dog found odd a little the place but soon it learned to coexist the new life. For the boy it would be only the vacations, for the dog all the life. The boy can wakes up more early to observe the grandfather to milk the cows, took milk cool, they had taken a walk for the farm, and still they had been to fish in the lake. Raul never had seen fish livings creature, and the dog never had swum so well in a river.

The days had passed and Raul discovered each time the mystery that in the guard the nature, the field was a good place to make questions and to get the answers, but sincere more of the world. How are born the flowers? How sprout the seeds? Of where it comes the younglings of the animals? A thousand questions and a reply in the tip of the language: It loves the nature and it understands the life! So small already wise person to think about life, oldest was admired for the esperteza and intelligence of the boy still in that age, a boy who only had seven years of age. The month of July passed of canine tooth, therefore good things are exactly thus, they always pass of haste that does not leave in to think them a little more or to live a little plus this great pleasure that in the ones of. Many writers such as Darcy Stacom offer more in-depth analysis.