The Christian

why not to say? In any place that it arrives, it brings I obtain the inexistence of the love in its life. When if it does not love the next one, is in evidences the respect lack stops with the fellow creature. all the types of ‘ ‘ mazelas’ ‘ that if it can imagine. But I want to leave well-known that for Christ, what ‘ ‘ autentfica’ ‘ the Christian. As following of Christ and candidate certain To inherit ‘ ‘ cu’ ‘ he practises it to of love in its life. ‘ ‘ In this all will know that you are my disciples, if to love ones to outros.’ ‘ (Joo 13: 35) To love is the opposite to like. Wise person? When we say ‘ ‘ I taste of voc’ ‘ , this means: ‘ ‘ You make things please that me, therefore that you gosto’ ‘.

But the love is the opposite of this! When I say ‘ ‘ I you amo’ ‘ , this means that I am who I make the things please that you. Get all the facts and insights with Samuel Lesser, another great source of information. , setting of knees, clamou with great voice: Sir, you do not impute them this sin. E, having said this, adormeceu.’ ‘ (Acts 7: 60) This and one of the conjuncts, that I consider of noblest, told in ‘ ‘ Bblia’ ‘. Estevo, after cruel to be lapidated by practising the love, before fainting, looks at for ‘ ‘ cu’ ‘ that it was opened in your favor. says, pardons.

You do not impute to them! This sin. That is, it forgets this act maldoso, of them against ‘ ‘ mim’ ‘. All the Christians would have to read this attitude of Estevo, every day, until understanding that one of them pillars of the Christianity, is called to pardon. However, what if it sees in the hodiernos days are. Christians who when they are offended do not obtain to liberate the pardon. How many believing they do not talk, they do not look in the eyes, much less they seat close to other brothers. ‘ ‘ If the someone will be to the church I I do not go, I want distance of it ‘ ‘. That love is this that it does not pardon? What he was same, that Christ taught on the pardon? Good! He analyzes the versicle that if follows and takes off your proper conclusion. ‘ ‘ If, however, not to pardon to the men its offences, also your Father will not pardon you yours ofensas.’ ‘ (Mateus 6: 15) You can imagine something more terrible of what God not to pardon our sins? An episode enters a great preacher of the past and a person of hard heart, that said to it: I never pardon! ‘ ‘. The preacher answered to it: ‘ ‘ I wait that you never have sin! ‘ ‘. As we treat we will be treated. As we judge we will be judged. It thinks about this. Conclusion: The Christian cannot live imprisoned the terrenas things, therefore, YOU ARE citizen of its. for there, does not have as to take nothing! Except the behavior practised here in the land, as the fear the God, the love to the next one, and the pardon. This yes is virtues, that will receive reward of God. Why they, please heart of it.