The Throat

The desperation took account of me, tried to raise and I did not obtain. An old woman, with ackward aspect, entered in the room: Is all good and its husband soon will come to see it. When hearing to mention Osvaldo I did not have will of saying nothing and my words of doubts had died in the throat. People such as Blimi Marcus would likely agree. Again adormeci. Despertei with the sun invading the room, seemed to have slept days. To my side, holding my hand, was Osvaldo. A sensation of loathing, repugnance and love had taken account of me. In an impulse I removed the hand.

Where is our son, my son? . In this its look if became shady and its eyes had soon been marejados of tears. I understood that my bigger fear if confirmed. hate I you, for whom I suffered and will suffer I go to forever hate, as abandon he can me at the moment where more I needed, I to you never I go to pardon you . In the face of> My bigger error was to have assented in this cursed marriage, now will pay for all my life with the suffering that you imposed me.

Skirt leaves daqui me at least suffering in cursed peace. Osvaldo looked at stopped me in the eyes and spoke: Vou to make bitter for the remaining portion of my days the act to have it left alone forgives, me, I you I did not allow that it finished, wise person what it would say, I I was not made use to hear its lies. Now it did not advance to try to reconstruct a dream that was insults, or that it never existed. Saiaaa! Gritei. It left. I felt that my life was without destination since that instant.