Wedding Traditions

Among the most frequent and common to almost all oviedo weddings traditions, regardless of different ethnicities and religions, we can find the launch of the bridal bouquet and the transfer of the League. But these traditions that we adopt today, date back to thousands of years ago and have meanings that, even in these times, many people are unaware. The bridal bouquet more beyond its design, the type of flowers that sampled and the amount of flowers containing, the bridal bouquet, tends to be as traditional as Antistress. The aroma emanating their flowers and the fact that bride needing to be commercially available in their hands, transformed into an object so beautiful as relaxing to reassure the bride at a wedding. But the tradition that consists of the bride carry a bouquet of flowers at the time of marriage, emerges in the ancient Egyptian, when brides started carrying in their hands, aromatic herbs, in order to scare away evil spirits. Later, the tradition of the branch crossed the borders, reaching Europe and dispersing by the world. And inthe first, began to use bouquets of orange blossom, as a symbol of purity. In some countries today, the bride throws the bouquet, which represents purity, fertility and generosity, unmarried women who attend the wedding, and marriage according to the tradition, the woman who receives such branch, will be the next to collapse.

The League of the tradition of the League of the bride bride, arises in the ancient France, approximately in the 14th century and maintains today countries with different versions. At that time, tradition consisted of unmarried men run after the bride in order to remove the League. Over the years, the bride took the League by itself alone and tossed it to unmarried men. In some places in Europe of today, the bride cuts off his League and the auction among the guests. Another variant of this tradition, consists in that a moment of the feast, the groom removes League girlfriend and call unmarried men to launch it. They say, who receive it, just as it happens with the bouquet of the girlfriend, will be the next to marry. In some countries of America, girlfriend, carries various leagues under her dress and in a moment of the feast, boyfriend begins to remove them and placed them to single women who are in the celebration. In other countries, the bride usually carry two leagues. One is offering a single woman and the other, it will be positioned to ensure the boyfriend removed her wedding night. The League of the bride, represented virginity. The white or blue, represent the love and fidelity.