You Successfully Started

“You’re Bidgo.” With this call, the makers of the successful website Bidgo wanted to further involve the user. Anyone could submit his wishes concerning look, usability and features. “What we got something to read, was mostly very creative”, so Bidgo founder Dagmar Ullrich. After the best suggestions were sorted out, these were knitted into a coherent concept. After some special – night shifts the relaunch of Bidgo is now online.

The login has been centralized on each side, in the registered State and the user now a quick selection of the most important functions such as video/image upload and auto-Wiki entries. The videos are displayed on the home and currently look at other users. Even if the relaunch is very well absorbed by Bidgo, the founder of the Bidgo in the background screw already again on other improvements and new features. It may be interesting. Media contacts: Kijero Ltd. b Gasse 24 63739 Aschaffenburg E-Mail: Web: contact person: Susanna Thiersfelder about BIDGO: is a Project to build a vehicle knowledge database with free content. TBI blood test: the source for more info. Anyone can contribute with his knowledge.

Good authors are always welcome. In the automotive sector unique relies on a number of innovative elements, to make the experience of discovering their desire car consumers. This already starts with the search. In vain, here you won’t find a standard form with scroll-downs. The young start-up company providing innovative search filter, with just a few clicks you will be under the selected ads.