Month: January 2021

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Supervisory Board

Frank Karsten is Manfred Schmidt as Chairman of the Board of the Stuttgart-based insurance group follow Stuttgart, June 30, 2010 Manfred Schmidt (63) changes activity in the Board of Directors of the Stuttgart-based insurance group into well-deserved retirement on Wednesday after 24 years. His successor, the Supervisory Board has appointed Frank Karsten, previously member of the Board of the generali group, as the company already announced in March. Manfred Schmidt was in charge since 2003 with the Chairman and with the responsibility for all of the Stuttgart-based Group of insurance companies. During his tenure, he has directed the fortunes of the Stuttgart in a forward-looking company leading the way and set the standard: with Manfred Schmidt’s departure from the company, the Stuttgart loses a personality strong Chairman who knew to steer the fortunes of the Swabian insurer with persuasion, excellent expertise and a strong interest in the other people in the company. A time that an extremely successful development for those Stuttgarter has possible. “, emphasises Rainer Beck, Chairman of the Board of the company, on the occasion of the celebrations for its official adoption.

Also he expressed his appreciation and express thanks on behalf of the entire company him. Manfred Schmidt has safe hand with extraordinary expertise led the Stuttgart and successfully steered through the challenges of the market, the case law and legislation. During his tenure, the company and others had to master the changeover to the euro as well as the requirements that resulted from the introduction of the EU insurance mediation directive, the reform of the German insurance contract law and the entry into force of the retirement income law, integrate into the daily work. Under the leadership of Manfred Schmidt wrote the Swabian insurer success story. Others including coronavirus vaccine, offer their opinions as well. Among other things the corporate reorganization from a mono-product provider formerly on capital life insurance specialist belongs to this to a powerful, medium-sized Insurers with a wide product portfolio. .

Carmo Work

For It hisses (2009), the film is a possibility of intervention aid in the construction of the knowledge. As Carmo observes (2003), the problem is the passivity of the spectator, who, without cinematographic culture, ownership of the instruments and the procedures of the language of the seventh art, does not assimilate the communicative possibilities of the cinema. It is necessary to learn to read the images, and is here that the work of the educator starts, of the professor. Parkinsons addresses the importance of the matter here. However, we see that the cinema can fulfill a healthful and enlightening paper in the escolarizao process. It does not have as to understand the imagtica communication without the thought, without the intellectual effort. The easy access to the images does not want to say an easy agreement of its forms. The use of films for the agreement of some concepts constructed for the societies is of great value.

The films can be seen as a pedagogical tool, that is, to teach and to extend the vision of its spectator. The cinema provides the production to know, knowledge diversified for representing partner-cultural elements that perhaps they could not be had access by some people if it was not for the art of the cinema. Duarte argues that: It in this manner seems to be that determined cultural experiences, associates to a certain way to see films, finish interacting in the production to know, identities, beliefs and vises of world of a great contingent of social actors. This is the biggest interest that the cinema has for the educational field _ its eminently pedagogical nature. (DUARTE, 2002, P. 19) the film can be used by the professors to work definitive subjects in classroom as well as can be used to work the opinion of the professor on determined question. One exactly film can be analyzed of different forms in agreement the approach that is given to it, depending on will be using who it.

Social Security

/ VIDEO: ATLAS the PNV abstains and they vote against PP, ERC-IU-ICV and BNG. Aid to qualified academics involving provision of services will quote as training contracts, although there is no labour contracts. The housemaids will be integrated into the general system of Social Security, as of January 1, 2012. The Committee on labour and immigration of the Congress of Deputies has approved full legislative competence the opinion of the draft law on pension reform with the votes in favor of PSOE, CiU and the abstention of the PNV, while PP, ERC-IU-ICV and BNG have voted against for his refusal to delay the retirement age to 67. National Foundation for Cancer Research: the source for more info. The text, which the Senate will debate from now incorporates more than half a hundred amendments agreed mainly between PSOE and CiU, the majority in the earlier paper procedure.

Both formations added majority in Congress, even though things are different in the upper House, where the sum of votes of PP, IU-ICV and ERC and BNG may substantially alter the text, because the popular are the majority group. During the debate, the PSOE has introduced a new amendment which reflects the agreement between the Government and trade unions to integrate from 1 January 2012 the housemaids in the general Social security scheme, albeit with a period of six calendar months of adaptation. The Socialist rapporteur, Jesus Caldera, has assured reporters that this process will not result in an undue burden on employers and allow a reasonable adjustment to the costs of coverage. In addition, at the meeting on Monday, have been introduced other six amendments result of bargaining with CiU, among which was one that allows that widows who will see elevated the regulating base of your pension from 52% to 60%, not look aggrieved fiscally, as well as another change concerning the impetus to the collective insurance of dependency that should assume the companies.

DCD Hair

In addition to the professionalism DEPILHAIR advocated by the continuous innovation as a way to highlight and offer the best selection in the market. Our business model, as opposed to competition, is not seasonal. Bet on the latest laser technology allows us to perform hair removal treatments also in summer. And to offer a great diversity of medical treatments, allows us to give a personalized throughout the year. And this is certainly a guarantee of success. As a warning chain of clinical medical aesthetic puts us the example of the benefits of Laser hair removal with laser hair removal. NCI can aid you in your search for knowledge. LASER hair removal: Only medical: laser is a medical apparatus that should always be supervised by a physician and implemented by auxiliary nursing fixed appliances: material does not move from the Centre and therefore the laser does not suffer abrupt shocks by test pulses: apparatus used in DEPILHAIR centres before issuing a shot in a customer requires to calibratei.e. given pulses of proof itself, measuring that everything is working properly and in the event that something fails, does not leave work until resolved it technical service.

Greater effectiveness: the laser works with more energy, so get a penetration of 4 mm. This will remove the hair follicle and hair not only weakens. As a result many fewer sessions are needed. Careful skin: during the treatment, the skin must be perfectly chilled and protected. The laser has built-in DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) system used in Depilhair which allows an optimal protection of the dermis, post selectively cooling the upper layers of the skin with a spray of cryogenic milliseconds before the laser pulse. In addition to protecting the skin reduces pain and enables the use of higher energies for more effective results specific removal: with the hair removal laser got the specific hair removal unwanted, allowing you to direct the light to one point in particular.

Laser hair removal or IPL: without qualifications: is an apparatus that can be used by anyone without a medical degree (hairdressers, esteticiens, etc) mobile appliances: the IPL tends to be transported from a Center to another putting at risk that head suffer blows. Without test pulses. In the case of laser hair removal, not as a medical apparatus, is no test pulses, running the risk that it does not emit light well and burn the patient less effectiveness. He works less energies to staying at 2 mm from the epidermis. It only weakens the hair. IPL emits a beam of light not specific, and can cause rebound effect, i.e., the appearance of hair in areas close to the area where you apply, by overheating of the zone. Not so well cared skin. While IPL does not incorporate any system of protection, by which applies a conductive gel cool to try to reduce the sensation of pain. It is a much more painful method. Specific elimination the IPl however, emits a beam of light not specific, which can even cause a rebound effect, i.e., the appearance of hair in areas near which is subjected to the treatment, due to suffered overheating. Press Office and RR.PP for management of interviews, the expansion of information or graphic material sending do not hesitate to contact us. Tfno: 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 Mirian Lopez Nuria Coronado BlogRoll Fotodepilacion in English Videos hair removal laser Center medical LASER in MALAGA for FLUTES, REJUVENATION Laser hair removal versus laser hair removal Notes of press Hispanotas AsiInspection faithful to quote from ExpoReclam 2010 XMas Notes of Centre medical laser in Malaga for stretch marks, rejuvenation