Association Board

And of course I want to help, say all members and leaders of the Association. Dear Club members, dear Association Board, your o. a. is wish only to understand too well he brings you but also personal advantages. Cardiologist is likely to agree. But what do you when? What have you done when for the last time for this? We have something for you here! A good proposal, a best suggestion. Please beware: your club also immensely useful be if you do nothing, do something. If you would like to know more about The Cleveland Clinic, then click here. Is so benefit by doing nothing the greatest or not? And use your club feel, if you hurt him. An example: Little hurt a club more like the negative talk (pardon: talking!) the own members and officials Association and people about things that are possibly failed Presidency and Board or that there have been no, that should be better in other clubs, affecting but perhaps only a small minority in the Club…

Because – who should still join this club or financially assist. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jonathan Friedland. who committed to one task or thing, if the own members lower the club or its service providers, denigrate and possibly even from court Chase? So, if already not own active assistance, no positive evidence and also no praise and thank you then at least easily shut for Board of Directors and Club! Another thing: let necessarily participate your club in the ongoing development of our society. Refine to him in leadership, organization and marketing as continually changed the needs of all and the wishes of all grow. Otherwise, your club is past, hinterland, not on the map and there image and benefit your club and also personal viewing and the effect of the representatives (ultimately the members) in many ways fall back far! This brings incalculable damage and losses. And your club is most likely no more connection and the desired success in his / your efforts such as new Employees, members, affiliates, sponsors, media attention.

So again – to measure the value of your Association in the environment at any time of his and your personal appreciation, which much also depends on the variety and quality of Club offerings, publications and passenger services. But of course most probably by the satisfaction and the pronouncements about of current members. Because send all comments, reviews and reports in all over the world every day about your club and its executives intentionally targeted or randomly and indiscriminately! Viewing successful clubs again. Are their directors, representatives, responsible, makers than your better? If so – you of course less will reach! If yes you are must retrofit in the short term, of course! If so – what do you do now? Of course we know what now how to do! And we do that for you too! Together with you! Always with success!