By the way, it is worth also to turn on the integrated typo search. You can find auctions with typos in the search term, which otherwise be considered a search.” BayWatcher Pro 7: All results of the search in the browser Soon that a search “has been sent”, the BayWatcher Pro 7 displays the results in his window. In a very compact list the user and others can read the article, the article name, the remaining time, the current overall price, the buy it now price, the price and the shipping costs. The list can be mouse click very quickly after any arbitrary criterion reorder and filter even. Easily, it is also possible to put an article on the watch list at this point. It is so easy to keep the price development in the eye, to submit a bid shortly before the end of an auction even more quickly.

The enclosed auxiliary tool BayReminder reminds even at the end of the auctions, without having to do this, the main program must be started. Jochen milk bag: “BayWatcher Pro is aimed with its fast searching and observing functions not only to buyers. The comprehensive price analysis functions are also the sellers, who can explore the market in this way. The program can also save once defined searches and more Perform searches at the same time. Directly to the eBay API is accessed, the results are immediately available.” BayWatcher Pro 7: The most important functions at a glance comprehensive eBay article search with many search options (E.g. category, price range, country, region, item condition, type of offer, seller type u.v.m). Save searches and kept lightning-fast search through high-performance eBay API simultaneously running of multiple searches in the hierarchical storage system can clear results display in tabular form with all relevant information including item details and picture. Watching any number of eBay items with price shipping run analysis BayReminder called recalls nearing end, submit a bid analysis of item prices unlimited sorting, grouping, and filtering statistics such as minimum, maximum, and average prices or sales figures the price history of an article in graphical form find bargains with the typo search integrated search for 1 euro articles, which run out in a few minutes Capture notes fit to monitored auctions further log of interesting articles by email the new version 7 can be downloaded free: products/baywatcher.php