Build Master

Actually conditions of economic instability and high competition can be desirable for any business. As a rule, mini-exhibitions of work young people, which is both a plus and minus. Positive thing you can note the high mobility of young people, the ability to self-development and learning. And here is a negative component – inability to concentrate on targets relevant to the work surface. It is therefore important to establish training as soon as possible with the help of trainings conducted in a group or individually. Head must clearly see and feel each employee, a sober assessment of its strengths and weaknesses to work on.

Some of the workers on the mini-exhibition has multiple clients. It is very important in this situation to be able to allocate attention, giving each customer the time and show interest. For example, one visitor is issued a contract for the study, this time with the other held preliminary calculations and explanations. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with It is important to remember that if for some reason one of the visitors leave the exhibition, it is likely that the guard and another. Feature of the exhibition – constant negotiations with different people. From the ability to to set priorities in a conversation depends on the number of orders received. Mostly on the mini – the exhibition runs one manager. He is responsible for the entire sales process: negotiating, demonstrating samples of products, makes a preliminary calculation.

Therefore, it is important that solutions to difficult issues that arise when working with a client, was selected an experienced manager in the central office and was adjusted opertivnost uninterrupted communication. When the organization of the mini-exhibition is important to consider that the manager is on the small and often very limited space. Everything should be at hand: a notebook for records, samples, advertisements. But it must be perfect order, because it is a trifle “clings eye visitor. Mini-exhibition to be opened at the scheduled time. We can not allow the lack of staff in the workplace. This adversely affects the company’s image and may scare off potential customers. No less important factor in efficient operation of mini-exhibitions – customers correct account. Plays a special role clarity and lack of ambiguity in those or other issues. The company’s image, of course, suffer if the price of the product and its installation, sounded a manager at the exhibition, to be materially different from the final price offered during the measurement. The manager must put the customer on notice that at the exhibition it produces only a preliminary calculation, but at the same time, this calculation should be done properly. Promotions are planned and carried out individually for each exhibition, and for all exhibitions in the complex. In individual actions is taken into account the time of maximum attendance, cross-country, a contingent of visitors. With the help of mini-exhibitions can carry out various marketing research. For example, by placing samples of the new product or advertising a new kind of services you can quickly gather information about the demand for new products on the market. A striking example of literate approach to the organization of the exhibition is a geographically distributed company “Build Master”. The company has a sales exhibition in almost all districts of Moscow. This, combined with German quality products and high-tech manufacturing can meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers.