Colors For Effective Advertising

Red is quickly tiring. Orange color uplifting – it is warm and enhances creativity. But to use the orange color should be very careful, for example, in the interior of its use, making the orange parts. They say that the orange color helps in times of winter depression is associated with lack of sunlight. Effectively used in advertising, because attracts attention.

People prefer orange, usually prone to creative thinking and always enthusiastic. Yellow – symbolizes warmth, optimism and joy. Close your eyes and imagine for a moment the yellow balloon. My soul was a little warmer, right? Yellow – the color of the sun, meaning wisdom and intelligence. The yellow color can be as warm or cold.

An example of a warm yellow – the color of egg yolks, cold – the color of a lemon. Warm shades of yellow close to his effect to the orange, but less aggressive. White is associated with purity, innocence and faithfulness, symbolizes truth and justice. Black – the color of mystery, conservative, and inspires respect. Green and blue calm. Green is associated with nature, relaxing and soothing, has healing properties – soothes the psyche and even normalizes blood pressure. As can be yellow and warm, and cold. Effect of green however, like any other color, depends on the nuances and individual preferences. Light green calms and relaxes, improves vision. Dark green is associated with reliability, resistance, stability and growth (the color of money). That is why it is so common in offices advokatov.Goluboy cold color is associated with water and ice.