Cooperation Between And ElchFerien GmbH

Herisau, November 19, 2009 – cooperation between and the holiday home agent ElchFerien GmbH from Germany., the search engine for catalogues is pleased to announce that… / holiday houses-Norway… the latest catalogue of ElchFerien GmbH vacation rental and advertising agency to find is. Many writers such as Professor Roy Taylor offer more in-depth analysis. ElchFerien specialises in the placement and marketing of travel to Norway. Heart Specialist brings even more insight to the discussion. Product portfolio is vacation rental and last minute travel, cruises and ferry information to holiday offerings for anglers. Norway is an attractive travel destination. For the second time after 2004, the travel magazine of National Geographic Traveler in one together with the also associated with national geographic center for sustainable destinations was the fascinating fjord region in Fjord Norway the most attractive from a total of 133 travel destinations.

In some sections of the Norwegian coast, the sea seeks his way far into the mountain world into. Where the plateaus end, fall the mountains abruptly several hundred metres deep to the water going down and framed by the world-famous Norwegian fjords. If you go with the boat in a such inlet, located in the midst of a landscape, which is found only on a few other places of our planet. You sit on the deck and glide in the middle of these majestic surroundings into, while the steep rock walls are getting closer together. High above you, glaciers and Lakes feed beautiful waterfalls, down dancing in free fall almost vertically sloping hillsides. Dinner swims maybe of you…

Eject the fishing line, and while pulling up a reeling hooked mackerel, sea birds floating around excitedly around the boat. Everywhere in the fjord country there are small towns and the people who live here make sure that the Fjords are so easily accessible. If you go in the Interior of the fjord by Board, you can take part on a guided glacier or hiking in the mountains or on the way to a restaurant make a serving the delicious cuisine of the region. Parts of the fjord and mountain areas Western Norway are on the list of UNESCO World Heritage. Strong colours and freshness their part help, many visitors to include these areas with the most beautiful areas have they ever seen in their lives.