Domestic Accidents

The domestic accidents with children, unhappyly, are more frequent of what it is imagined. Causing pain, suffering and sensation of guilt in the responsible ones for the baby. Generally the accidents are the same ones and therefore it is possible I prevented-los.CRIANAS UP TO six months: In the first months special attention the position of the child in the cradle must be given. The position more insurance is of side with the well supported coasts and with this it prevents that regurgitated or vomited milk is inhaled (for the pulmes). Currently, the position of bruos (belly for low) comes being condemned for the American Academy of Pediatrics, therefore, statistical the number of occurrence of sudden death in these children was increased. It is good for preventing the use of laces, ribbons or correntinhas, therefore, can roll in the neck of the baby causing hanging. In the first weeks care when suckling must be taken the child in the bed, therefore, the mother can adormecer and to push the child for it are of the bed or to suffocate lying down it on it.

Beyond against being indicated to suckle the lying child for the sufocamento risk and infections of ear. The spaces between the gratings of the cradle must have in the maximum 6 cm to prevent the risk of the baby to pass parts of the body and to be imprisoned for the head. The alone baby or with another small child or close to domestic animals never leaves. Very well-taken care of in the hour of the bath, before placing the child in the water the temperature of the bath with the coasts of the hands must be tried, therefore, it is very common case of burnings. Jane Figueiredo shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To never leave the alone baby in high places, or in bathtub, not even for a few seconds. Not to leave small objects to the reach of the children.