Ear Piercings – The Trend Of Increased 0.09

Huge earlobes and extravagant earrings – how a great Ohrpiecing is it not more unusual to encounter people who wear huge earrings, in most very unusually large Ohrlochern on the road. This type of jewelry is called ear piercing. In the pierced ear piercing (the injection channel) was enlarged by intentional stretching so then ear Piercings with larger diameters can help. There are different methods of how you can increase the injection channel. The most widespread method is arguably the worlds with a stretching rod, a conical expansion pin, which has been previously coated with lubricant and then carefully inserted into the injection channel.

There is this stretch pen in various thicknesses, usually the desired piece of jewelry is at the end of the expansion pin set and immediately. You can stretching but also perform with a piece of jewelry. This suited best strain spirals out of horn or bone, which should be used with Lube. Horn and Knochenl is very skin-friendly and the positive property that is extended with a spiral of stretching, for example, 6 mm, also only up to 4 mm has then only at a later date, when the stretched ear piercing has relaxed again, can continue on 6 mm wide. It is important for the expansion that going slowly and repeatedly breaks allows expanded Earhook before it extends further. These breaks should last so long until the piercing has fully relaxed and pain-free.

A completely different method of piercing secondly is the method with weights. This large heavy piercings or other objects used in the ear piercing. However, this method is rarely in use, because it is very uncomfortable and can bring the piercing for hiking. However, this type is used traditionally by different tribes to the width of the ear piercing. Piercings in their position slightly to put, but also to quickly access a desired size of the diameter, the injection channel can be increased even by cutting. The injection channel is cut using a scalpel. So you can reach, that can quickly be used a large Earplug or ear piercing. In any case, this method should be performed by a qualified electrician. There are a variety of piercing jewelry made of many different materials for dilated earlobes. After the healing of the extensive ear piercing many different objects and jewels made of materials can, used if there is no material allergy, otherwise rather not used in the ordinary ear jewelry. Big Ear piercings must be cleaned regularly, the flared ear piercing as well as the piece of jewelry. In the Ohrlochern it comes to Sebaceous areas that tend to the smell. The removed ear piercing and not worn for a long time the diameter of the expanded knowledge is reduced again. For even more details, read what Click here says on the issue. At smaller ear piercings (up to 4 mm) the ear piercing can reduce even again back to suture hole size. With great flare Ohrlochern, extends the ear piercing but also back together, but always a little expanded ear piercing will remain visible. John Waihenya