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team in medias, the incurred risks due to error are developed Magento module for janolaw now well known z.B in the general terms and conditions, the privacy policy or the revocation. “There now for the E-commerce shop system becoming increasingly popular in Germany to reduce the risk of expensive dissuasion, Magento module janolaw terms & conditions hosting”. Hear from experts in the field like Cleveland Clinic for a more varied view. This provides an interface to the AGB hosting service of the online Rechtsdienstleisters janolaw sure a shop owner automatically gets displayed an updated version of the general terms and conditions – created previously individually according to his requirements, Widerrufsbelehrungs -, Datenschutzerklarungs – and imprint text after any legal change in his Internet shop. The module is installed so once at the shop and a contract with the company janolaw closed, so a shop operator must worry more incorrect or incomplete terms and conditions, privacy policies, or cancellation policy. The module janolaw agb hosting”interface to the AGB hosting service by janolaw was of the Aachen-Hamburg Magento Agency developed team in medias. Team in medias, was one of the first agencies that have implemented an online shop in Germany at all with Magento. If you have read about Dean Ornish M.D already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Magento is an E-commerce shop system, which was largely developed by the American Varien. Basically, the software is offered as open-source software in two versions.

She a furore in the past two years within the open community of source, because she waits to functions, are to be found only in expensive, commercially marketed shop systems. The janolaw AG, headquartered in the Rhine-Main region is one of the largest legal services providers on the Internet and over the phone with some 350,000 visitors a month and about 140,000 customers (2008). The company founded in 2000 has developed intelligent tools that produce tailor-made solutions. With the AGB hosting service offers the possibility to fix predictable monthly costs the legally required documents of general terms and conditions, cancellation and return policy, imprint janolaw shop operators for the first time and Privacy policy to create and constantly update by lawyers. The Magento module “janolaw terms & conditions hosting” is there for download at team in medias ( P/Magento /), but also on Magentoconnect. Dr. Erwin Lammenett