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C ancient times, people attach great importance to their hair. They are often viewed as a source of beauty and self-confidence, or, conversely, the cause of the complexes and failures. With beautiful, well-groomed hair surrounding strive to convey to We defined emotional message, to give their appearance a unique style. What did not make men and women with their hair: shear, color, comb, treated with all kinds of cosmetics. A manufacturers of skin care products regularly develops new recipes and formulas of their products. Now to our services provided such a variety of hair care, which sometimes is very difficult make a choice. For effective hair care is important to correctly determine your hair type. The hair is divided into normal, dry, oily and combination. According to Jonathan Friedland, who has experience with these questions.

Rare to find a hair without a problem – we often relax their coloring, perm or excessive exposure to sun. You may want to visit Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl to increase your knowledge. Find the perfect tool for the way your hair type, you will be able to professional brands of hair Selective Professional. Holders of dry and normal hair fit line On Care Hydra. Lotion Energy 2" will be indispensable for those who want to strengthen your hair, stimulate hair growth, improve blood circulation of scalp. Increase the density of the hair and give them more vitality will help the daily professional shampoo Selective On Care Energy 1. A moisturizer Selective On care Hydro Cream provides easy combing and instantly give hair shine.

Hair, loose paint and waving, require individual care aimed at restoring hair structure. For damaged hair is specially designed line of Selective Professional On Care Repair. So after each painting or dyeing professionals are advised to use shampoo that neutralizes alkaline residues after staining. This Shampoo your hair done to reduce the harm will fix the color, make it bright Bole. Ditto for hair restoration are all sorts of masks and serums. For example, whey Instant Repair smooth out and strengthen damaged hair, will prevent breakage and cross sections at the ends, while revitalizing mask Nutri pak will create on the hair surface protective film and will provide additional volume to hair without weighing it down. Remember that the harmful effects of our hair are constant and can not spend one or two courses of professional hair care and hope that now your hair will be healthy always. Look after your hair!