Make Your Dreams Come True

Quoting Korzybsky in Science and Sanity: A map is not the territory that it represents, but if it is correct, will have a structure similar to the territory, which gives account of its usefulness. -No there are failures in communication, it is only topic of feedback: If the response is not expected, should take such response as a useful response that provides us with feedback and enough knowledge to modify our performance and achieve the results we want. Failures in feedback are given by that have not known discermir what was the message, and that part of our way of seeing and listening to the world and to others. -If it is possible for one person, it is possible for me: the identification and creation of effective models leads to excellence. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. understands that this is vital information. If someone has the ability to do something, they can extract the model (modelling) or strategies that underlie such capacity, and teach them and install them on other people. NLP has models to identify the structure of the abilities or skills of the persons then duplicate them in other people that are interested in taking these capabilities. Make Your Dreams Come True – We process reality through our body/mind and therefore are we that we create our experiences and those responsible for what those experiences provoke in us: quoting Marcus Aurelius: If you feel anxious by anything external, the pain is not the thing itself, but to your own estimate on it; Thus, you have the power to delete it at any time.

With respect to the impact of our perceptions in our State, Aldous Huxley tells us: the experience is not what happens to the man, but what this man does with what happens. Learn more about this with Peter Rose. -If something does not work, change your attitude: this assumption has to do with the flexibility that we have to achieve our objectives. If we are constantly corroborating that the expected result are not reached, we must not persist in using the same media, but we must try different until we achieve what we have set ourselves or wish. Each failed attempt does not constitute an error, but a discovery in a way most of learn how to achieve Our goal, since the next time won’t go down that road. Bandler and Grinder founders of NLP tell us that to be efectivosen a field of action, we must have the flexibility and elegance that gives us count with multiple options, and in this regard we are told: If you only have one option, you’re a machine; If you have two options, are faced with a dilemma; only with three or more options can be flexible. More information is housed here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. Original author and source of the article