Martin Mair

Who submit too late due to massive plight has luck also: no retroactivity (indulgence) possible. “” As a whole is the last net ‘ minimum income more than porous and is due to the treatment of the help seeker people as people without rights to the pit, is hard to emerge from the “sums up Martin Mair, Chairman of active unemployed”. Therefore require the active unemployed”receives an inquiry to the minimum income under inclusion of representatives of concerned organizations in which a new, socially effective design of the minimum income is worked out and that this draft in a sufficient evaluation necessary fine-tuning. It is particularly sad that any public discussion of the Viennese occurred minimum income, which expresses the disregard for the citizens of Vienna towards seeking their help. “While the green alternative has a week of action to the minimum income under the slogan kick the poverty” out organized, is doing limited only to the financial aspects and the bureaucratic harassment, which can ruin people mentally, not discussed. “In the fast boiling procedure from the top down bureaucratic draft squeezed by will raise more problems than they would solve and unnecessarily complicate the lives of some 100,000 people who are instructed in Vienna on the minimum income,” Martin Mair warns of the consequences that would-be (re-) integration of people crowded at the edge due to long term in economic losses social bureaucracy, the damage to health as a result of coercive measures and the. Detailed opinion in the open letter to the Member of Parliament (SPo): mindestsicherung_stellungnahme_wien.html overview of minimum protection generally: mindestsicherung_uebersicht.html opinion on the debate about AMS pointless courses: presseaussendung_kursdebatte.html Note: like. Eng.