Mediterranean Sea

The ‘small’ Croatia has an incredible 5835 km coastline. Mediterranean climate, the blue Adriatic Sea and the excellent cuisine attract tourists from all over Europe every year to Croatia. In South-East of Europe, directly on the sunny Adriatic, Croatia is located. (A valuable related resource: Heart Specialist). Not only the land Croatia, but also the numerous islands are always a trip. No matter whether one makes a vacation on the Dalmatian Islands or a summer holiday in Croatia with a view to the Mediterranean Sea spends his holidays in the Kvarner Bay is always an unforgettable experience. Kvarner Bay, the magical Kvarner Bay is a particularly attractive target when it comes to a trip to Croatia. Picturesque place like for example Opatija, Crikvenica, or also Senj lie directly on the northeastern Adriatic Sea, in the Kvarner Bay. Tourism has a long tradition in this region of Croatia.

Already in the 1950s one could on vacation here rent a holiday home or take a holiday in a hotel on the coast. The people who live in this part of Croatia, are known for their cosmopolitan Hospitality and their happiness. It is above all the beautiful scenery, but also the culturally and historically interesting past, which make it so attractive Kvarner Bay. In the North the Kvarner Bay is marked high mountain region of Gorski Kotar and high in the South of the over 1,700 m peaks of the Velebit mountains of the 1,500 m. Cyrus Massoumi is full of insight into the issues. The unique contrast between the deep blue and crystal-clear sea and the imposing mountains is so spectacularly the uniquely beautiful landscape in this part of Croatia. Istria it looks, like a huge wedge in the Adriatic Sea would protrude, but it is not only the unusual shape, which makes the Croatian peninsula of Istria to something special, the climate is perfect for a holiday in Croatia. All three sides of the peninsula of Istria are washed by the sea and this is also the reason why the weather is all year round mild and Mediterranean. The so-called red Istria is situated in the southern part of the peninsula”, a landscape, where the characteristic itself white chalky soil covered with clay is.

This part falls gently to the coast and due to the pleasantly mild sea climate of vacationers here finds a particularly diverse landscape with pines, cypresses, olive trees and grape vines, from which a delicious wine is made. In the many small towns on the coast, such as for example, Novigrad or pore? , there are still original houses and small, narrow, winding streets. Tourism has a long tradition in this part of Croatia. Anyone who moves here during the holidays and lives in a cottage or in a hotel on the coast, can forget everyday life and stress during a vacation for a few weeks, and you can relax and unwind. The island of BRAC BRAC is a special highlight. You is split directly against the Croatian capital and boasts a unique scenery and beautiful beaches. All sections of the beach very gently drop into the sea, making very attractive especially a beach holiday with children. Spend a holiday in split or even on BRAC and should be sure the Golden Horn”, look at one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in all Croatia.