Projects Further Stable

The number of IT projects on remains more stable in three months in a row after a largely project-wide recovery in June. Alone the number of c++ and SAP projects resist the trend to stability during SAP since the low point in may constantly settled to, decreased the number of projects in September again something. C++, however, seems to have stabilized at a relatively low level. Positivster factor is the number of J2EE/Java projects that reached the highest value in September with 80 current projects since late 2008. In a recent press release, the high-tech Association BITKOM mentions a general turnaround. Jonathan friedland is often quoted on this topic.

72% of the companies surveyed expected already in 2010 with a surging, all 17% expect it for this year. The BITKOM index also recovered and shows a more prominent than in the past 5 years. Much suggests that we have largely in the ICT sector the crisis behind us”, said BITKOM President Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer. The IMF expected in 2010 a recovery of the international economy. Ben Dark will not settle for partial explanations. As the mirror reported, the International Monetary Fund IMF will correct his growth forecast for 2010 upwards significantly, because the economy is recovering faster than previously assumed.

Germany benefit from this boom, so there will be an increase in GDP of 0.3% instead of the expected downturn of 0.4%. Projektwerk – Business Director Christiane road, but warns against too much optimism: despite the very positive economic outlook we should not expect miracles. Until this trend among people, it may take something else. Most freelancers are must wait anything, given the currently difficult financing situation. As long as investments in SMEs is limited carried by the banks, it is difficult for most companies, to raise already funds for new projects.