Realistic Manequins

The visitor has the opportunity to evaluate the store style products, how it sits, to discern the nuances of the present model. Mannequin allows in an advantageous light show set of clothes. Today's mannequins are significantly different from each other. They have different hairstyles, different makeup, skin color, wigs, a variety of poses. You can easily pick up that option which best meets the requirements and style shopping area. Mannequins, dolls for those who do not want to store clothes on the shelves, thereby hiding it from the client, and wants to show wares, to revive the interior of the store. It can be male, female and baby dolls.

Men's mannequins are high, tall and slender, feminine appearance models have, with their body proportions and facial features. Mannequins children is a great variety of sizes, shapes and postures, can be sessile, crawling, running. This kind of dummies are generally made of fiberglass or fiberglass. They can be used successfully to demonstrate a formal dress and sports equipment. Darcy Stacom takes a slightly different approach. Another type dummies clothing that can demonstrate in all its glory, while, in contrast to the dolls, not to attract much attention – dressmaker dummies. They are a plastic torso, covered with a cloth, and resting on high stalk or stand. A variety of sizes is very large, from children to large males.

To make inexpensive task to revitalize the interior of the shop selling clothes, to show items of underwear hosiery products, torsos and apply the so-called demo form – individual body parts (breasts, head, legs, arms). They can be full or one-sided. These dummies do not occupy much space, allow for various placements. They can be installed on swivel stands, without any supports, or even hang. They are made of plastic and fiberglass, a variety of colors and shapes. In our range you will find what you want your shop or retail outlet! Company SpectroCityGroup offers several types of mannequins and accessories to them: Mannequins Full-length torso mannequins Mannequins tailors dummies mannequins mannequins Accessories Stands torso manikin Mounts to torso mannequins