Spiritual Work

Spiritual work on life insurance when I am doing myself life insurance, in fact, it turns out that I give a loophole for the Angel of Death, that is, inside I admit that I could die and thus give the Angel of Death freedom deystviya.Ili if I worked hard, my subconscious knows that I have a backup plan – to enter the insurance and then my subconscious makes the situation that I was sick and in the end I start to get insurance, then I I say, and you're the Angel of Death took me injury, and now be kind to pay the rest of my life, this kind of trap soznaniya.I so like what we see today that the world is insured, it turns out that the whole world has a chance play the angel of death, and as it turns out, because the world is sick and all eventually die. Speaking candidly Tom Florio, New York City told us the story. What is the problem of a successful insurance agent or the owner of an insurance company? objective of an insurance agent, so that people are not sick and did not die then he will earn a lot and the insurance company will be profitable sostoyanii.No what's really going on? We see how a man opens the company is gaining employees and says' we're going compete against the world race to earn money ', we spend all their strength guys and the fact that some of you will not stand, so I do all the insured, but not so simple after all we are talking about human life, so I encourage everyone to stop the pursuit of money and stop. Need people to work a maximum of 7-8 hours per day and 4 days a week! And get a decent reward for a job. So like when you're working on 11:00 you're killing yourself, in eventually you're eliminated from the system and the system has to feed you, the more work the more broken gear, we eat ourselves, so can guys! Stop and think how to further build zhizn.Esli suffers a people that all of society bears the burden for him, that's why my insurance company called Clal Hevra (translated the whole of society). Also an insurance agent interested in the members of society were righteous, as the Creator sends disease to sinners, to stop ih.Poetomu society should be interested in the righteous citizens. When a member of the society gives up and says that he can not solve its problem, the problem of disease, it is kind of despair, and this means that all of society to some extent desperate, as the total and partial are the same. At the level of ideas is still one that everyone can be seen from the economy, one dropped out of the system and feed it all ostalnye.Est as though a mutual guarantee by all. Our goal is to make bail on a spiritual level, not only on the material, then on a physical level, we will be less dependent on each other or will it be easy for us. As solve the problem? At the societal level we have to decide what we overcome the illness and death, we must raise the vibration of our energy on a new, more high level and then come the time of the Messiah and will be proclaimed sentence from the Torah: "And swallowed up death forever" and this is the beginning of eternal life, we need to overcome death and disease! I wish all of us in this success!