Statistical Department

Everyone knows – real estate – this is no joke. Cardiologist has compatible beliefs. Therefore perform a good choice – very important. Choose at least 5-6 special vending estate agents. During the conversation, the proportion of applicants for the role of your assistant is eliminated automatically. If you communicate with the secretary of note for breeding, and openness of the company. Be sure to inquire about availability of the license and ask for her number. If the first digits of the number is less than 200, the operation of this real estate agency real estate market continues for more than 10 years, and it is very important.

Of course, you could argue that the Realtor agencies must annually re-obtain a license for their work. This will confirm your fears about the unfairness of this company. Well proven real estate agencies that do not have any trouble with the law, only extend an existing license. Remember that a major real estate agency will follow from the very beginning of his reputation and strive to improve and strengthen its brand. Important: Do not negotiate with the employee realty firms to meet in a park, cafes, apartment or other place, but plan to get it into the office and there detail on the individual – the size, furnishings and cleanliness of the office, a contingent of agents and how busy their work – to form his conclusion about the agency. Also, in accordance with current legislation, the agency Property must have a certificate of registration of the established sample, re-register, the Charter and the registration certificate for the inclusion of the Statistical Department in a single register – is bound to have an entry 'operations Property ', have a legal and mailing address, a seal with the mandatory placement firm in the field of printing other than the name, identification number (registration number) of the firm. Plus a great big company, if it is member of the Association of Realtors (Realtors) Ukraine (ASNU). To be a member of ANSU, the firm on behalf of director or department heads must withstand serious examination and a professional agrees to comply with ANSU charter and code of ethics. By following these simple rules, you will find an assistant, and perhaps other, in order to buy or sell real estate. Good luck!