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Sensible Ethics

Therefore, he is complex to understand that a system politician, the capitalism, science among others human shelters can give account of what the man not yet it reached much less was assumen, because all these abstractions had not been apprehended by the artificialismos that the man started to denote in the place of God. More information is housed here: Daversa Partners. Anxious for the freedom, the human being tries to perscrutar imperscrutvel, transgressing the ethics that the proper man creates, playing itself thus in the chaos. ' ' ordem' ' that modernity searchs and tries to materialize loses the direction from the moment where equipment confirms that it does not correspond to the vacuum felt for the man, who the more questionador of the stranger in the universe, greater is the sensible unreliability and astray it follows. Without hesitation Kevin P. Campbell, PhD explained all about the problem. … Valley to stand out that already it does not surprise in them that the subject of the ethics if has become so recurrent between us, as citizens, as professional and as individuals. Over all we feel ourselves inside of a world in if it feels and if it denounces ' ' it lacks of tica' '.

In this direction, &#039 is also said that; ' valores&#039 does not have more; ' , or that one is about ' ' to rescue the values ' ' On the other hand, we feel ourselves half lost, unsafe, perplexo regarding what it is a eticamente correct behavior, concerning what is a moral value. One is about two different questions (ASSMANN, 2003, P. 01) E, if, little we know to appraise ethics and the value that it has literally for we, consequentemente do not obtain not even to say and to define what we are. The certainty that could be used happened of ' ' tica' ' the rationality of the man in irrationality, becoming it, more vacant of references in the world is changedded thus into uncertainty transfigurando to cure its indetermination.

Multiple Sclerosis

Book Tip: Suddenly MS – life with an insidious disease multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common auto-immune diseases of the brain and spinal cord. It is a chronic disease of the immune system. The term “multiple sclerosis” is composed of the words “skleros” (hard) and “multiplex” (in many cases) together. MS leaves many questions unanswered. If you would like to know more about Maida Vale, then click here. The history and the complaints vary from patient to patient, so called MS also the disease of 1000 faces.” The author in this book manages to captivate the reader and authentic experiences. You notice immediately that she knows what she is talking about.

You glossed over nothing, don’t talk around the Bush and called facts. The book tells the story of courage and vitality. The message is quite clear. Namely, that you must not give up despite a treacherous, incurable disease. There are also humorous adventures and encounters that are told with a dose of sarcasm. This book makes it very difficult one to put it to the side. You just want only know with how it goes and feels with the main.

A really great mix. This book appeared in the rose garden-Verlag, Switzerland founded end of August 2013 by lawyer and author Angelika C.. Special emphasis at the rose garden-Verlag on the high-quality design and processing of books. The materials are carefully chosen and tested. Entrusted works are proofread carefully, lovingly prepared and released in the appropriate facilities. The Publisher is committed to the goal, to allow authors a book publishing including good service. The Publisher Angelika Schweizer”consciously focuses on mainstream – and mainstream means that books are written so that content, form and presentation appeal to the majority of the reading public. More information about the rose garden Publishing House can be found on the website: book Description: life on the edge: Multiple Sclerosis shortly, is an incurable, chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, the all demands from the parties concerned. A life with ups and downs, with fear and hope at the same time. Living with the disease of 1000 faces is a challenge every day. It is like a dance on a wire, who falls, lost. With a dose of humor and self-irony, the author tells the story of their MS-monsters, as she learned to live and succeed despite this insidious disease on their own strength to trust. Life is just too good to give up and to put your head in the sand. Book data: Suddenly MS – life with an insidious disease author: Britta Kummer production and publishing: rose garden-Verlag envelope design: Dieter Hollender ISBN: 978-3-9450-1503-2 60 pages, 4.90 euro words to the author: Britta Kummer was born in Hagen, Germany (NRW) in 1970 and now lived in the beautiful Ennepetal. As a trained engineer, she discovered the letter in 2007 and since that time it determines your life. It makes you just enjoy expressing themselves in this manner. First their works in the circle were passed around and that the response was very positive.

Tibiri Maria

It said to you voice to it of my soul, yours in did not understand: Heart you do not have in the chest, Or is dif? rente of mine. You want that in language of the Land If they say things of the Sky? Heart that such desires, I do not want in it for meu.' ' The master retrucou: – There not valley son, for the grammar they become men! Challenge: ' ' Blond of braids, colored person, You dive so well, Lilinha! these hair, hair They are are detachable, my good? ' ' Reply: Blond I am, am yes, mofeiro! Pretty also, assaz! Liane Chuchu, my name, Blond of everything, tudinho, my good! ' ' (Jose Tibiri Maria) – You well, professor, but the preconception and racism of our language are great. – Why? – I do not speak of the Portuguese language, but of the language of the men. While it waited in the bus point I heard this of people who spoke, already of age: – My grandmother always said: ' ' girl, takes tries, when to grow and to order in this our farm take care with the black color that today is enslaved and tomorrow they can not ser.' ' ' ' Why, v? ' ' She answered in such a way with one of rabugisse: ' ' Because nothing that gives the black color to make this people of color she makes certain. far comes of this ladainha in the ear of our family, who says thus, son: Black color when not caga in the entrance, caga in the exit. means: Black when it does not make something wrong when it enters makes when sai.' ' Ah, v, this are nonsense! ' ' ' ' Nonsense nothing, takes tries! ' ' grew the girl with this in the head and finished being prejudiced and racist.

The Throat

The desperation took account of me, tried to raise and I did not obtain. An old woman, with ackward aspect, entered in the room: Is all good and its husband soon will come to see it. When hearing to mention Osvaldo I did not have will of saying nothing and my words of doubts had died in the throat. People such as Blimi Marcus would likely agree. Again adormeci. Despertei with the sun invading the room, seemed to have slept days. To my side, holding my hand, was Osvaldo. A sensation of loathing, repugnance and love had taken account of me. In an impulse I removed the hand.

Where is our son, my son? . In this its look if became shady and its eyes had soon been marejados of tears. I understood that my bigger fear if confirmed. hate I you, for whom I suffered and will suffer I go to forever hate, as abandon he can me at the moment where more I needed, I to you never I go to pardon you . In the face of> My bigger error was to have assented in this cursed marriage, now will pay for all my life with the suffering that you imposed me.

Skirt leaves daqui me at least suffering in cursed peace. Osvaldo looked at stopped me in the eyes and spoke: Vou to make bitter for the remaining portion of my days the act to have it left alone forgives, me, I you I did not allow that it finished, wise person what it would say, I I was not made use to hear its lies. Now it did not advance to try to reconstruct a dream that was insults, or that it never existed. Saiaaa! Gritei. It left. I felt that my life was without destination since that instant.

Russian Poet Vladimir Mironov

Poems on various subjects: love, life, home, etc. Original poems. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the unique creativity of the poet today. Also biography of the poet: his childhood, adolescence, adulthood. He was born Vasilievich Mironov back in 1938.

In the Ryazan region, the regional center Pronsk. A pretty little town, stands on a high hill. And it offers a beautiful view of the nearby settlements. Pronsky graduated from high school in 1956. Dawn rises over the horizon, And the sun rises from behind the clouds, You light up the earth with gold, the messenger of the sun, sun ray.

In the bushes, leaning over the pond, there was the voice of a nightingale, heard the song, song of Ptah, we freeze with excitement, we forget himself. That song soul disturbs us, That song is sad, That song as it invites us to return to childhood to adolescence forgetting for a moment, remember how to run barefoot through the grass, As the goat I run away, finding shelter in the hut. Then we have youth hurried, like adults we become. Now, however, bitterly regret not having her back. Nightingale thanks to you, with you, I visited as a child, I thought of native land, loved, about him quite often missed.

Christian Love

It counts to the history of Lcia and Pablo. It gracious of luxury and it a just fond youngster of the interior that goes for the River to know the cut. He sees it for the first time to Pablo and if he enchants, judging it meiga and angelical, although to know for its friend who if dealt with a luxury prostitute. It did not obtain to enxergar it as a cold person and vulgar, he only obtained to remember it with ternura in its heart. Lcia disdains in turn it, ignoring its presence to the point to leave to see it with other men. However, Pablo already nourished a love feeling stops with it and believed that on the inside it was another woman, therefore did not give up its love, trying to conquer that mysterious one and faceira woman who stops it was perfect in candor.

Lcia also was attack of exactly feeling for Pablo and therefore asked for pardon to it and if it delivered of pure and sincere form to this love, to the point of vender its luxurious house and going to live in the other most modest one. It relieved its sad history of life and on the sad and perverse way that had that to pass to survive. Lcia counts that in 1850 had one occasions of yellow fever and all its family adoeceu. Then to be able to survive if he delivered the Couto, however its father when discovering the way that had taken banishes it from house. Then with only 14 years of age, Maria of the Glory if saw debtor to forge its proper death, occupying then the paper of Lcia that was its friend. With this she passed to be coveted by all and as gracious she paid the studies of Ana, its new sister. Now Pablo and Lcia or Maria of the Glory, its Christian name, only formed one, two hearts gotten passionate and made use to fight against everything and all, but unhappyly the reality with which it coexisted was well different.


Many people who belonged eastern Germany, during this period had been one more time displayed to a cultural imposiso, as example we can cite the fact of that music until the decade of 60 was only German, and controlled, therefore they could not contain anti-socialist propagandas. We have therefore a concern in returning to the Germans the cultural identity, however at the same time where this is returned, it she is taken off. No longer side occidental person, we have the presence of a free culture, a culture where the sociocultural values would be rescued, with the economic asceno partner of the country, we tinhamos a democratic culture, however we also tinhamos the presence of foreign elements that contribuiram for this. With the German unification, the culture occidental person, will be to the few implanted in the eastern culture. The narrator in the book the pears of Ribbeck, in the sample accurately this imposition culture, the attempt to rescue the eastern Germans, the culture that was taken off to them, the culture that also was imposed to them after second war. is this fact that the narrator will go to criticize, the narrator will go in them to show at diverse moments of the text who this culture cannot be imposed, it does not appear of one hour for another one, it simply must happen of course, a time that all still are scared eat new situation, and that this cultural imposiso will be given of fast form, therefore the Germans veem in the unification a form to find its identity again cultural. we tinhamos that accustoming in them, and precisavmos accustoming in them and we queriamos in them to accustom something that not conheciamos. (DELIUS, 1991, p.14)