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Gabriel Garcia Marquez

What not if it can, is to use them as only reference of reading. The autoajuda nape of the neck goes to be enough to provide a consistent formation to no human being, in no area of knowledge, much less in the businesses. Reading only these books, a species of critical atrophy is created and the people start to lose the capacity to take decisions for personal account, living in function of books. Another problem is that in Brazil, them they are played in a bulge alone they friction and them as ‘ ‘ autoajuda’ ‘. It stole who Me of Me? , of the priest-star Fbio de Melo, and If Opening for the Life, of mdium Zibia Gasparetto, that affirms to transcribe messages dictated for espritos, they are all classified together with the Monge and the Executive, for example, being that one does not have nothing to have with the other. The reader must be takes care of in the reading of these books that comes overloaded of esoterism and aims at another type of aid.

Finally, I understand that the growth of this type of book comes ally to a series of social transformations that, they say, come leaving the people solitary, confused, abandoned, overloaded and estressadas. The workstation, for example, already is not plus that old redoubt of stability and financial security of long ago. Today, it is a competition space and, almost always, of very it estresse. In house it is of the same skill, the family already is not that one of old for it goes there Therefore, it reads literatures sufficiently, is not only alone in the yellow or alone in the green, if people not to try other mixtures, we will not get new colors, as blue that it is produced in this mixture. It continues reading, for example: The Life As it is of Nelson Rodrigues, Crime and Punishment of Dostoievski, Admirable New World of Aldous Huxley, 1984 of George Orwell, Ulisses de James Joyce, the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, One hundred years of Solitude of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Great Sertes Trails of Pink Guimares, but if it does not find self-contained therefore and it finds one tempinho to reflect a little on you in autoajuda books.

The People

Others nor in such a way, can be pessimistic, unhappy, irritated, detentoras of an affectivity ' ' negativa' ' , also contagious. It can be affirmed that the people, in its totality are premade use to be satisfied or unsatisfied, practically being impossible to total influence the behavior of each individual. Thus, it remains to the organizations, to propitiate to the collaborators a scene capable to instigate the self-knowledge because the interpersonal relations are pautadas by the acceptance and respect for the different one. E, this process are only possible in the measure where the individual knows itself proper, perceives its limitations, recognizes its potentials, therefore it is about a reflection through feelings and emotions. The self-knowledge makes to arise the harmony in the interatividade, and when associate to the knowledge and ability reaches resulted organizacionais bonanza. The development interpersonal it involves essentially the knowledge of internal relations of proper ' ' eu' ' consequently of the others. Some of these relations would be, for example, the self-knowledge of feelings and the auto-reflection. To discover proper itself ahead favors the creation of a real model of itself, propitiating horizontes exactly more optimistical of problematic questions and adverse situations of the life.

The interpersonal development still involves the capacity of the human being to try and to discern standards, to glimpse a promising future, to dream and also to materialize potentials. This quality is very valued currently, therefore individuals that load this aptitude obtain to develop more productive and healthful interpersonal relationships. In such a way, they are allowed to work in group with more harmony, therefore the primordial thought is: – I know myself. Then, I have the property to establish healthful relationships, since I will obtain to also recognize the other. PSYCHOLOGY ORGANIZACIONAL the organizations they reach its goals by means of the creation, of the comunicacionais processes and the operation of systems of organizacional psychology and of the work.