The Truth

People who live showing its scars so that the others feel penalty of it. 6.Eles counts the wounds excessively: J 7,5 my meat is dressed of worms and terrosas crusts; my skin if encrosta and of new supura. J occupies almost all its 42 chapters of its book, to describe its wounds, who were in the truth great, but did not need to be the time all speaking of them. When it started to pray for its enemies, its history was reverted, its luck was changed and it starts to receive the double from God. II TAKING CORRECT ATTITUDES WITH the ERRORS 1.Viva the gift: Not alive of the past, nor of the future, it makes of the present time, really as it says the proper word: Gift desembrulhe its gift each day. 2.Os errors are relative: You compare negative experience with another bad experience of another person. She can that you have passed one day bad whereas another person passed one entire month. More information is housed here: Sketchers. She can that you died the cat whereas to another person you died its mother.

3.Seja sensible, says all commits errors: The people are not perfect, everybody this subject to commit errors. You need to say this and to place this in its mind. 4.Escreva all the bad experiences in a daily one: The fact to write everything what bothering you to this, it improves your situation. 5.Trate the errors with mood: The mood is much more easy to solve the problems using, laughing at them, commenting on them with favour. 6.Evite to commit error two the same times. You cannot prevent that people fight with you, but can control its answers they. III? HE CHANGES the PAST WITH GIFT 1, How we can change the past? Many believe that already if it cannot change the past, but this making a mistake, it can be changed yes.