Tibiri Maria

It said to you voice to it of my soul, yours in did not understand: Heart you do not have in the chest, Or is dif? rente of mine. You want that in language of the Land If they say things of the Sky? Heart that such desires, I do not want in it for meu.' ' The master retrucou: – There not valley son, for the grammar they become men! Challenge: ' ' Blond of braids, colored person, You dive so well, Lilinha! these hair, hair They are are detachable, my good? ' ' Reply: Blond I am, am yes, mofeiro! Pretty also, assaz! Liane Chuchu, my name, Blond of everything, tudinho, my good! ' ' (Jose Tibiri Maria) – You well, professor, but the preconception and racism of our language are great. – Why? – I do not speak of the Portuguese language, but of the language of the men. While it waited in the bus point I heard this of people who spoke, already of age: – My grandmother always said: ' ' girl, takes tries, when to grow and to order in this our farm take care with the black color that today is enslaved and tomorrow they can not ser.' ' ' ' Why, v? ' ' She answered in such a way with one of rabugisse: ' ' Because nothing that gives the black color to make this people of color she makes certain. far comes of this ladainha in the ear of our family, who says thus, son: Black color when not caga in the entrance, caga in the exit. means: Black when it does not make something wrong when it enters makes when sai.' ' Ah, v, this are nonsense! ' ' ' ' Nonsense nothing, takes tries! ' ' grew the girl with this in the head and finished being prejudiced and racist.