Arrogance In Politics

Leibniz believed in his work that everything is perfect and live in the best of worlds, Voltaire in his “Candide” made fun of extreme optimism that can not see the reality and therefore can not improve, at least transform, … and that is teaching! Today we see in the country Presidents, Ministers, Regional Presidents, Mayors, Congressmen arrogant, proud, starring infamous acts of arrogance for people to think like them, owners of a disordered desire of being preferred to others, politicians who find satisfaction and conceit by contemplation others do their work, events, speeches, in defiance of the other E l Dr David Owen, Medical, Political, Lord, former Health Minister, former Minister of Foreign Affairs, currently Rector of Liverpool University has studied this phenomenon that does not belong to Trujillo, Peru and says no … “the domain of power causes changes in mental status and can lead to arrogant behavior …” and said many more things is required to read his book and in Sickmess In Power! (Illness and power) to understand these people who are basically mental health patients and should be helped Owen in the Foreing affairs (December 2008) adds that mental illness may need to include a redefinition Syndrome of Arrogance and give a number on the International Code of Diseases-ICD-means that some politicians in the scent of power, the cohort of flatterers, the perks, the goodies, the benefits of the sick, makes them arrogant, proud and haughty so much so that risk governance of a nation, because although the Lithium helps control some Manic Depressive disorders still do not have a drug that helps to control the states of arrogance and haughtiness. Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland Professor of Surgery at Yale University has proposed in New Haven, Connecticut, that the Heads of State should, to assume command Presidential waive medical privacy and Physicians who treat should suspend its duty of confidentiality Doctor / Patient (the so-called privilege) for the welfare of the country, safeguarding the interests of the people who ultimately must be the sole and proud sovereign power and authority to change laws and appointing authorities. Rulers with Manic Depressive disorders and / or Hubris Syndrome … Your days are numbered! ..