Month: March 2020


With the anti-tobacco law already is only possible to smoke in the street. If already usually involves a major drawback for people who smoke, with low temperatures typical of these dates, it is much less uncomfortable to smoke outdoors. By law, smoking only in uncovered terraces or who count as a maximum with two walls and a roof. The solution that the innkeepers have adopted is put awnings and tents to winterize the exterior of its shops. For the summer season, this is a good solution, but for the winter heating systems are required. There are different types of stoves and heaters of easy handling as heaters propane or gas, able to heat an area of between 20 and 25 m2. They consume between 300 to 700 gr/h and they tend to be around 20 kg, but they have wheels for transport. In other European countries such as France, the anti-smoking law has been in force much more time than in Spain, and the innkeepers have everything needed to adapt its terraces. Tolder Madrid company, specialist in a multitude of textile coverings-awnings, tents, blinds, umbrellas, textile architecture puts at the disposal of the innkeepers everything needed to adapt its terraces. Founded in 1927, Tolder has an excellent technical team in charge of design, manufacture and assemble all products. To enable the terraces, propose different articles to protect them from heat or from the inclemencies of the time, such as wood or anodized aluminum umbrellas, tarps with repellent treatments of water, bracing, hidroclimatacion systems, stoves and heaters, tents of various sizes and materials and awnings.

Citizen Solution

We are born the similarity of the Creator. We would have feeling in them very well. Therefore we are deserving Of the biggest favours other world. We live from what we receive. Of where it comes everything of favour. They only demand in them that let us love They had transformed this into disaster. Let us be lost not. We need to be born of new.

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Daninas grass, parasites, vulgarities She is necessary to take the serious a protection. Without remedy and solution We only go to attend to So great destruction? We need to resist. That they pardon me the human rights. More one had proven, that she is a psychopath. It isolates this someone Citizen pro goes to be the solution.