The Adversities

They had been five steps that it took that they had been the sufficient to ahead get the victory of those armies that they saw with destruction headquarters. These five steps taken for Josaf will be able helping in them to win the wars, the fights, the adversities you strike and them of this life that in them supervenes in our day the day. How many times we come across in them ahead of so tremendous situations in our lives that we arrive to be despaired to the point to place them the hands to me on the head and to say: There my God and now what I go to make? If you do not know what to make, she makes as king Josaf made. 1 PLACE: TO SEARCH AID OF WHO KNOWS (II Chronicles 20:3,4) Josaf searched aid of who knows everything and has all power to decide and any problem all, God. Jessica Pels: the source for more info. It had been very disturbed with the news that had received, then decided to ask for to aid the Mr. and if It in jejum and conjunct put to search, and convoked the Jud all to make because it the same wise person who was the exit to win so great Crisis there that she faced. If you do not know what to make ahead of the crisis that is facing, she folds the knees in the presence of God clame It, has asked for aid to it that It with certainty will help to it. In the sacred bible we find examples of men as king Ezequias who already was intentionally its death more prayed and God more reverted to the situation giving to it 15 years of life (Isaiah 38,1-6), Elias that prayed pra not to rain and did not rain (IRs 18.41-46), and women as Ana who was barren and could not generate children, it prayed and God gave to a son (ISm 1,9-19) and many to it other men and women who through the conjunct had reached great victories and had won crises that to the human eyes more skill did not have, did not have solution. Credit: Mike Bloomberg-2011.